12 things I have learned in 12 years

After 12 years of working hands on in the field in the state of Oklahoma I have learned the following....

1) Ghosts do not wear sheets or appear as light strings or balls of dust.
2) not all ghosts are of old people or spooky little kids
3) ghosts will only make themselves know when you are NOT looking for them
4)critical thinking and common sense are the new "paranormal" according to some teams in the state.
5) just because it looks haunted, does not make it haunted.
6) ghosts do not like our technology
7) there is not "thrill" in this field unless you have a great imagination.
8) if there is "hype" with a location, chances are there is next to nothing there. (this applies to paranormal teams as well, hype does not mean they are reputable)
9) people can and often do create the illusion of a haunting.
10) there has yet to be good photographic evidence of a "ghost". Orbs are not ghosts not matter how much you want to believe they are.
11) people that claim to speak to the dead usually can not. If they will not be tested, skip them, they always find someone to believe them.
& 12) more and more people are claiming to be ghost hunters/paranormal researchers because they watch it on TV. In the past 12 years, I have met more ignorant people than I can count. If it's on TV, it's not real. It's for "Entertainment", why is that so hard for people to understand?   

Tonya J. Hacker