The state of Ghostlahoma is up and running!

Tickets are on sale now for the 6th annual Ghostlahoma/OKParaCon event. This year we are excited about having the event in the old Center Theater in downtown El Reno. We have more room, a bigger and better stage and an outstanding audio and video system this year!

The Mustang Times has already written an article about the event Click here to read the article.

This is the first year we have used social media as one of the main resources of getting the word out about the event and so far people are proudly sharing that they will be visiting the State of Ghostlahoma this April 23rd. Click here to find us on Facebook

The 2011 speaker line up has been announced and we are very happy to have Oklahoma's best featured at this years event. Two brand new speakers at Ghostlahoma will be Texas native but Oklahoma bound Ken Gerhard. We realize that people want to learn more about creatures like Bigfoot and because he has worked in the state and has proven to have an informative and fun platform we are more than excited to have him join the speaker line up. The AbandonedOK team may seem to be a bit elusive to ghost hunting teams and people wanting to work with them, but that's not the case. We are happy to have them join the line up as they will showcase what they do as Urban Explorers, visual historians and photographers. We welcome the AOK team to Ghostlahoma!

Vendor Tables- We only have a few spots left. The lobby of the theater will have great vendors sharing their books, services and goods for guests.
New this year, we are offering sponsorships. Why? A sponsorship not only will advertise your business or group, it helps us budget for the line up of hard working volunteers that have been with the conference since it all started. If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please email us at and we will work with you to and your budget to help you get involved with this great event.

  • Will call Tickets- This year we will be offering "Will Call" if you purchase online. Like with concerts, the Will Call line will be a lot faster and hassle free.
  • Day of event- the ticket pricing will be the same this year. But, it will take you a bit longer to get into the event. We do recommend you pay in advance.
Ghostlahoma books and custom t-shirts will be available. We have never had "event t-shirts" before, but no worries. The shirts will NOT be an event advertisement or dated. They are not advertisement shirts. We will have more custom items for purchase this year that you would normally never see at a paranormal conference but we are not allowing the event to be a swap-meet or flea market! :) We encourage everyone to browse through goods and take home the talent that Ghostlahoma has to offer.

We will be posting soon about after hour events and tours as we get confirmation!

Grab your tickets here and learn more about the event! 

Ghostlahoma- ParaCon has been launched!

Ghostlahoma has over the years become one of Oklahoma’s biggest annual events. The 6th annual OKParaCon has promoted some of the states best authors and talents in the state of Oklahoma. The conference has introduced nationally recognized presenters concerning subjects of the unexplained. ParaCon is a fun event for all ages and families. The original conference started out in Oklahoma City at the now demolished historical church  off  North Classen Boulevard. The event then moved to the old Paramount building in Historic Film Row in Downtown Oklahoma City. As we realized we needed more space, the event was then moved to El Reno Oklahoma. We chose El Reno Oklahoma because of  the historical significance, tourism opportunities, preservation efforts, great people and of course because it’s on Route 66.  We hosted the event in the historically haunted Elk’s Lodge right outside of the award winning downtown El Reno. ParaCon has outgrown the Elk’s lodge but we are happy to have the event in the heart of downtown El Reno. ParaCon/Ghostlahoma will explore a new home in 2011. The event location has been chosen and we hope to fill the seats of the historic Centre Theater.

The speakers have been confirmed and the date is set for this years event. We are very excited about hosting this event in a brand new (to us) venue at the currently being renovated old theater in downtown El Reno. Tickets are on sale now and we are already getting vendors wanting to share their goods and services at this Oklahoma event.
We are happy to welcome Ken Gerhard to Oklahoma, although he is not a stranger to our state. Ken has worked in Oklahoma for many years now with his research concerning crypto-creatures. We are also very excited to have some of Oklahoma's best authors and speakers presenting. We are diving head first into the state of "Ghostlahoma" and we hope you enjoy the adventure! Cullan Hudson and Teri White has presented at the event in the past and we are excited to have them both back so we can get up to date on all the great legends, locations and tales floating around our great state. Tammy Wilson will be highlighting Oklahoma Ghost Towns. Her presentation may not have a big "spook factor", but for history buff's she is sure to please even the skeptical. Tonya Hacker of GHOULI usually does not do presentations at ParaCon, but this year she has decided to take a step up and hit the stage offering a brand new presentation concerning ghost hunting, along with spine tingling EVP's that her team has collected over the years. We will also have a special guest that will be offering a glimpse into the often controversial subject of "Urban Exploration". If you love photography you will love this presentation. There is something for everyone at this years event!

If you have not noticed the ParaCon name is being changed to Ghostlahoma. There are many conferences taking place across the nation using the "Para-Con" title. We take pride in offering a fun, educational and entertaining conference that will satisfy all walks of life. From history buffs to skeptics our event always delivers. We do not hire TV actors to speak at our events because we enjoy our states history and legends. We also have found it to be repetitive to have "celebs" come and show us what we have already watched on TV. We also keep our costs down because we are not paying for celebrity presentations. This allows us to offer patrons a high quality event for a very fair price. 

We are looking forward to seeing everyone in El Reno this April 23rd.

Thank you for supporting the state of Ghostlahoma!