Do you believe???

So many people believe in such things as ghosts, Bigfoot, phantom creatures and shape shifting beings from beyond but we have to ask why those same people choose to not believe an something called mass hysteria.

GHOULI is the only team in the state of Oklahoma and surrounding areas that are studying the effects of hysteria on a smaller scale, we call it group hysteria.

We modified  the Wikipedia version online of hysteria and crowd psychology. 

We started to explore this separate phenomenon as the popularity of Ghost Hunting started to flood the field of parapsychology. We played with the ideas and theories that one person can in fact make people feel, hear, smell and even be touched by ghosts. Many years ago, GHOULI team founder Tonya Hacker started testing these theories on location and during investigations. He efforts were very discrete and recently she has been vocal about the small tests she ran with her fellow paranormal investigators. These small series of tests have allowed her to develop and organize one of the most notable paranormal research projects in this generation of ghost hunting. It was very easy to manipulate the thoughts and feelings of those around us in both established-haunted and non-haunted places. We have recently completed a series of trials where some techniques were applied, we will share that data and final report as time permits.

So, do you believe what you see on TV? Do you believe what teams tell you when you go on a local ghost hunt or ghostly tour? Do you believe only because someone convinced you to do so or do you believe because you witnessed it all alone?

We are not attempting to say that there is no such things as ghosts or supernatural events. We have all witnessed something we can not explain at some point in life. We know that there does not need to be a puppet master pulling the strings with all witness accounts but we do want people to start paying a bit more attention. It's very easy to make someone believe but it does not mean it didn't happen to that person. Reality is open to translation and always should be.

Watch these videos and understand a bit more about the power of suggestion and hysteria.

Feedback welcome!

~ Tonya Hacker

Local authors and researchers meet and greet

On November 20th, in Enid, OK local authors meet up to talk to locals about their paranormal research and favorite haunting stories.

Tonya Hacker & Tammy Wilson authors of the Ghostlahoma book series spoke to a diverse crowd about their adventures in paranormal research. Tonya and Tammy both veteran paranormal researchers spoke about how they met up and became friends all over a unique EVP that was captured at Tammy's old home. The two women shared their favorite stories from the book and encouraged everyone to contact them if they have a location they would like to see highlighted in the next book that will feature places in Oklahoma where people can eat, sleep and drink with ghosts. The women also announced they will be kicking off a statewide campaign that will allow creative kids and teens to become published. The project is set to launch after the first of the year but already the women have had great feedback from schools, libraries and community centers. Tammy and Tonya are also known as the "Ghost Divas" and answered questions from the guests about the flood of TV shows that are currently on the air. The guests were curious as to how much of the TV shows were authentic and what is strictly for entertainment. Tammy and Tonya helped guests understand from a paranormal research point of view, that the shows are strictly for entertainment purposes.

Cullan Hudson author of Oklahoma book series Strange State and the Oklahoma Strange State Paranormal Blog kicked off the event as he shared tales from the Sooner state. Cullan spoke about some of his more memorable places he has visited, including the recent Hanobia Big Foot Conference. in southern Oklahoma. Cullan shared a few thoughts and theories of his own concerning recent reports of UFO's and the infamous Miami Spook lights in northern Oklahoma. Cullan explores all aspects concerning claims of the unknown. He does not focus on just ghosts, he covers it all.  Cullan also spoke about the enchanting Spiro Mounds and touched base on the historical and archeological significance and supernatural claims.

It's always nice to see authors and paranormal researchers come together to help intrigue and inspire the state of Oklahoma to grasp our rather young but often strange history.

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Skirvin Hotel OKC where to stay?

GHOULI receives  a lot of requests concerning the Skirvin Hotel in Downtown OKC.
Perhaps they have heard about the rumored tale of "Effie" a distraught mother and secret lover plunging to her death out of pure uncertainty and heartache? Maybe they heard the hotels haunting tales because the NY KNICKS & LAKERS were so afraid that they lost a game over it? Maybe people are intrigued by phantom "ladies of the night" potentially visiting their room? No matter what the reason is, there is no denying that the Skirvin Hotel has a haunting past. Since it was reopened, the unexplainable claims are making their way to the surface. Both new and old stories are being shared online and some of them will make your skin crawl.

The Skirvin Hotel is not "scary", unless you have a great imagination and perhaps a basketball game the next day. Thousands of people spend the night in the hotel each month without ever witnessing a paranormal event or unexplained occurrence. Some of those people are staying in the hotels "hot spots" and never miss out on a wink of sleep. It's not scary but it is one of the most highly recommended destinations I give to adventure minded travelers concerning the OKC Metro Area. The hotel is friendly and makes everyone feel at home. It doesn't matter if you are hosting a child's slumber party, business meeting or having a romantic get-a-way, the Skirvin is top notch when it comes to accommodations and service.

We have been monitoring reports of ghostly phenomenon since the book "Ghostlahoma" was released, which was around the same time the Skirvin opened it's doors. Our team conducted a private trial at the hotel and learned a lot about the potential of ghostly activity. There is not a lot there, but when people least expect it they may get a blast from the past.

Areas in the hotel where we recommend you make your reservations.

Any room on the 5th floor, west wing of the hotel.

  • 9th floor central area.
  • 7th floor central area.
  • Ballroom- If you can get permission or an employee to show you around the ballroom, we highly recommend you visit that part of the hotel. 
  • 2nd Floor- Mezzanine- You can not get a room here, but take your time and enjoy the 2nd floor of this magnificent hotel. Stay to the west of the building. 
  • 10th floor hallway and central areas- Middle suites.

At night- see if you can hear talking, movement or a baby crying. Granted, there could be a real live baby/family in the room next to you, use common sense.

The key to witnessing something paranormal at the Skirvin hotel is to not expect anything. Just enjoy the hotel without looking for ghosts. We do not recommend anyone walking around this place with EMF meters, video cameras or any other kind of cheesy gadgets. You will be amazed what you possibly can get if you just run an audio recorder. Outside of potentially disturbing the other guests, the Skirvin does not need "ghost hunters" walking around it's more classy than that. The hotel is more receptive to people that are there, enjoying the hotel and having a few cocktails in the Red Piano Lounge.

Learn more about the Skirvin Hotels Haunting history on the net or grab a copy of "Ghostlahoma" and let us know how your stay went! shoot us an email or post your story right here on this blog!

Tonya Hacker

Enid Oklahoma - Hosts Spirits of Oklahoma this weekend.

Join Oklahoma Paranormal researchers and story tellers this Saturday!

Tonya Hacker and Tammy Wilson- Authors of "Ghostlahoma" share some of their favorite and most memorable encounters with the unknown.

Cullan Hudson- Author of Oklahomas Strange State book will talk about his most interesting paranormal research assignments. Marilyn Hudson author and Ghost Story Teller will be there too! Fun time for the whole family!

Garfield County Public Library in Enid hosts SPIRITS OF OKLAHOMA with paranormal
Oklahoma authors and ghost hunters with a special event on
Saturday, November 20th at 11:00 AM. All ages!

Click here for calendar.

Ghostlahoma Authors challenge youth to write!

Tammy Wilson and Tonya Hacker will soon launch a statewide campaign to motivate children and teens to start reading and writing about Oklahomas haunting and often strange history! 
This campaign will allow a lot of kids to be published authors before they even graduate high school!

Working with Whitechapel Press the authors are excited about teens being able to learn more about Oklahoma History, one ghost story at time!
If you would like your school to be involved in the “Ghostlahoma- By kids” version, please contact Tonya Hacker at or if you are in Northern Oklahoma or Tulsa area, contact Tammy Wilson at

Tonya Hacker

Halloween Wrap up!

We hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween 2010! We also hope you took some time to spend with friends and family this year! Just a quick note. You did not see GHOULI on the local news this year because we are working to shed the TV/Media image that has been pegged upon us. Although our team does not have a goal to "get on TV", we are asked very often by media to participate in such projects. We take pride in not wanting to be a popular team. We have earned our reputation as a reliable and unbiased resource for claims of the unknown in the state of Oklahoma because we do not offer a "TV ready" appearance. We work closely with property owners and historical communities to make sense to reported haunts and we will continue to do so. We are proud to be able to visit meet and talk with some of Oklahomas most influential historical and and non-historical property owners and coordinators. We do want to show our support to a couple new faces that did make it on the local news this year. and Cullan Hudson, author of Oklahomas Strange State book and blog series. We are happy to support them while they allowed a peek at another side of Oklahomas history, minus the "gizmos, gadgets and matching t-shirts" that Oklahomans are accustomed too seeing this time of year. They did a great job while offering an alternative to what has become the norm within the paranormal community.

We are very busy these days. We are wrapping up one of our research projects and the data collected will be shared very soon. We want to thank everyone that participated in this research trial and we hope you had a great time with this unique experience. We are also working on part 2 of a our book series "Ghostlahoma". We would love your feedback and any contributions you may have to offer. We are excited to announce that the Oklahoma state Paranormal Conference will be held April, 2010. There will be some great changes to the event and as always the event will be affordable and fun for all ages.

New blog and website- thank you for your patience as we move things around and shake things up a bit concerning the website. We are working to make things easier for everyone, more fun and interactive! 

As always... we will not post or share our investigative locations on the internet. If you are interested in becoming a GHOULI team member, just contact us. We do not require you to pay dues and all members are volunteers and are treated like adults. All we ask is that you work to obtain locations and research history. This is not a "job" or paid position. We all do this on our free time :) family first!


Tonya Hacker