Public Ghost Hunts are back!

We have had the privilege to do extended research at a location in El Reno, OK. We have conducted several investigations as a team and have successfully completed GHOULI's "Cognitive Trials."
We are excited about heading back in as it is reported that the building is "waking up" after the holidays.
It seems that once the owners go back and start restoration and cleaning the activity seems to kick in again.

We are allowing people in that want to conduct investigations on their own. GHOULI will NOT be conducting a tour, showing or teaching people how to conduct an investigation. We do hope that everyone that signs up at least has the basics of how to investigation ghosts. GHOULI will be there to help and monitor everyone for safety reasons so if there are questions please ask.

  • Must be 18 years old or a mature teen with a parent (not a random adult)
  • All participants are required to sign a legal document of liability.
  • No drugs or alcohol allowed!
  • Smoking only to be done outside. This is a historical building. 
  • Participants will need to bring their own tools/gadgets including a FLASHLIGHT.
  • Dress comfortable and warm.
  • No horseplay, screaming or messing with people. If you act like an idiot, you will be escorted out without a refund.
  • There are A LOT of stairs. If you are not able to climb stairs we do apologize.
  • Allergens- There is dust and dirt in the buildings. If you are highly sensitive to dust please bring a mask. 
and last but not least....
  • Come with a plan of action! We know a lot of participants may be brand new but we ask that you have some ideas of your own during your investigation. Participants will review their own "evidence" but if you need help, just ask. GHOULI will showcase submitted evidence on this blog.

Why are we doing this?
Ghost Hunting is not rocket science. With TV shows and documentaries we are confident that people have the basics down to conduct an investigation. We have learned that over the years sometimes bringing in new people, ideas and mindset helps at locations we have investigated over time. It provides a fun night for people and it allows us to observe the buildings activity levels once new people come in to explore.
We will only share information about what we have observed in the past. Nobody is required to sit and listen to us give a presentation. We will be ready to get started just like you!

 Once your spot has been reserved you will be emailed with the address to the location.
Investigations start at 9:00 PM and will last into the night.
*No Refunds*

There will be limited opportunities to investigate these buildings. Space is limited as well.
TEAMS are welcome.

  • March 23rd - Saturday - DONE
  • March 30th - Saturday- IN PROGRESS
  • April 6th - Saturday - BOOK NOW THEY FILL UP FAST!!!!!!!!!
  • April Dates *to be announced* on FACEBOOK!!!! 

To sign up for the APRIL 2013 Investigations CLICK BELOW- Paypal will be updated each week.

Ghost Hunts- 2013

Investigating the paranormal in someone's house?

 The GHOULI team may not be the most popular team in the state but we still stand behind our reputation of being creditable, reliable, unbiased, rational and helpful. For over the past 13 years we have learned a lot about investigating claims of the unknown and have learned many hard lessons when it comes to investigating peoples homes. More and more we see teams posting on their Facebook "We are doing a residential investigation right now and we think there is demonic activity here!" or they do an actual Facebook "Check In" at the house they are investigating. These new teams have no idea how unprofessional that makes them appear to be. I would also go as far to say they have magnets on their cars showcasing that they are ghost hunters and walk into residential homes with matching t-shirts and highly labeled suitcases of gear with silly pictures of ghosts on them. These are the same teams that are claiming to be confidential and have client privacy as a goal. These teams are reckless and hypocritical in my opinion.

It seems that the teams today are using peoples fears as a plot in their own popularity contest. They are wanting to see how many "fans" they can get and some even go as far as to video tape their investigation. If the residents sign a permission slip to have their home and "paranormal life" on the internet that is their choice. That choice could also be a red flag to the validity of the case. Do these paranormal home owners really want answers or are they just looking for something to do on the weekends? 

Paranormal Teams are entertaining. Some teams are just like the ones seen on TV. A lot of teams showcase the "As seen on TV" mentality all over their websites. They also may even promote they are some how affiliated with people seen on TV. To most paranormal researchers, these types of teams are for entertainment. Yes, they will bring the stock pile of gizmo's and gadgets. They will bring the psychic in to talk to your dead people. These teams will also bring their online certified religious guru to come cast demons out of your closets and basements. These teams will more than likely kick you out of your home so they can have free will within your home or they will allow the entire family to stay and watch the festivities. They will spend hours talking with each other and yelling out to the walls. These teams will also sit on your bed and play with your kids toys. To make matters worse, some team members do not conduct background checks and they will have "one on one" conversations with children. I personally would never allow my child to go off with a stranger to discuss their deepest darkest fears and secrets, unless they were a licensed professional with a real education. Parents should NEVER allow their children to be alone with a group of ghost hunting people. In 2010 there was a huge uproar about a ghost hunter being a convicted child molester and the team had assigned him to the role as "interviewer" meaning this guy built the trust up within the family and their children until he was finally exposed. The good news is, there were no reports of him hurting children while "hunting ghosts" but the fact is, the public is way too trusting of these teams. They expect them all to be on the up and up when in reality there are a lot of people in the field that are not able to take care of their own family much less anyone else. Never allow your children to be alone with a paranormal investigator that you have just met.

Not all paranormal teams are bad. There are still a lot of good groups out there but please be aware of what to look for when picking a team to enter into your home and private life. If the team is ready, willing and able to stop everything and run to your home for an investigation they should be red-flagged immediatley. There should always be a very detailed interview before a team decides to enter your home. Reality is, a lot of people would rather be haunted than to admit there are problems within their homes. Our responsibility as a paranormal researcher is to see that before entering their home. If a potential client admits to being on medications for emotional disabilities it should be encouraged that the client see their doctor and explain what is going on before anyone enters their home.  

Ghost Hunters are not licensed therapists but there are common sense practices that should be taking place within the field. A true investigator will see that a baby is not being scratched and bruised by a demon but in reality the baby was a victim of horrific abuse. This was a TRUE event. The mother was contacting paranormal teams when in reality her child was being abused. She blamed "ghosts" instead of  realizing that her boyfriend was abusing the child. There was ONE team in Northern Oklahoma that did the right thing and reported the situation. The bad thing is, to that one team about 10 others would have ignored reality and continued to "investigate" the mysterious bruises on the child and deemed the family haunted. Entering filthy homes ridden with rodents, bugs and even medications is not uncommon in the paranormal field at all. Many people hear noises because their homes are infested with rodents. Some teams will return to those homes with hopes of catching evidence. When children are involved each case should be examined and if at any time there is a reason where the child is being harmed it should be reported to the authorities and not accepted as "paranormal happenings." More and more teams want that chance to get EVP or a dust bunny caught on film that they would allow people to be a danger to themselves and their families. Most teams WANT peoples homes to be haunted so they can have somewhere to play on the weekends. This is a fact and the public should be aware of this. 

Most of the time, hauntings can be controlled by the property owners. If things continue to progress on a level that rational thinking can not explain that is an entirely different ballgame. Inducing fear within peoples homes is not professional. For example, if you see a cockroach at  your house, you call an exterminator. That exterminator then turns around and tells you that you have a venomous snake problem and they need to return several times to manage it. In reality, you have never seen a snake in your house before but since the exterminators said they are there, you now live in fear. It is the same thing!!!
Very rarely are houses really haunted. It happens yes, but demons are not in your childs closet making the electronic toys go off. Take out the batteries first, don't call a ghost hunting team that has all the bells and whistles you have seen on TV. 
Some of the best paranormal investigators do not belong to teams at all. Some of the best may be online but they may not have a gimmick to draw you in. Research the person you allow into your home. Get second opinions after a team goes to your house and always ask questions. NEVER leave your house for a paranormal team to investigate. Never give a team money not for any reason. If they have someone that can come back and do a cleansing for a fee, tell them NO. If you want your house blessed call a church. If a team wants to showcase you on their online or youtube station, tell them no. If you want to have some fun with them and make things up to see how much they fall for it, then go for it. (Let me know if you do!)

Please be aware of teams and their intentions. Do they really want to help you or do they just want some kind of publicity from your fears? Please keep an eye out for the good ones and the bad ones. Teams, if you see something not right within a home call social services or 911! Don't wait and it is your business. You may be saving a real life!

Oklahoma's Deer Woman

Oklahoma’s Deer Woman
One of my favorite pastimes is to attend local powwows here in Oklahoma. Instead of celebrating the Fourth of July the “American Way” I take my family to a local powwow to celebrate independence on a more cultural level. The stories and legends attached to Native America are an amazing piece of history that is overlooked in the paranormal investigative field. If you were to think about it, the majority of Native American events in history have some kind of supernatural link to them. These types of stories intrigue me and I will share one of my favorite ones told to me by some of the elders of the Cheyenne Arapaho tribe of Oklahoma. 
The legend…
The story of the deer woman is a universal message that is taught by many tribes. With all Native American folklore there is a message behind them all. The term “scared straight” comes to mind when I hear these kinds of stories. This is what makes them the unique and traditional legends that have stood the test of time.
        While the locals enjoy the powwow at the local stomp grounds the stars are out, drums are pounding away into the distance. A 20-year-old  dancer is taking a break from the fast and furious footwork. He takes off his head covering as the sweat flows from his pours. He looks into the field as the ladies jingle dress dance is taking place he notices a flutter in the field. Wiping the sweat from his eyes he takes another look and sees that it is a person dancing around in the field. He gets up from the bleachers and starts to walk in the direction of the person, paying no attention to anyone else. He gets closer to the barbed wire fence and focuses into the night sky as he watches this person dance around in the brush. The person seems to be getting closer. He starts to notice a beautiful shawl, crimson and turquoise with yellow spots. It is a woman dancing in the field, he finds a post within the fence and continues to watch her in the distance. Every minute that passes she seems to mysteriously get closer to him. He starts to notice that the woman has beautiful braids and a headband made of gold, she is a beautiful dancer. He continues to watch attentively as she dances in the field, she floats like cotton and never a stumble. Her beauty and her grace intrigue the man, deciding the climb through the barbwire fence. He is compelled to meet this woman and to find out why she is alone in the field dancing.He slides through the fence and notices that she motions her arms as if she is pulling him closer with an invisible rope. She wants him to meet her; he starts to run out into the field, all he can hear is the belled anklets adorned to his fathers’ moccasins. He continues to run into the field and he realizes that she is out further than he thought. The woman continues to pull him closer and he finally catches up with her. Her beauty strikes him, eyes of a mature fawn. Her eyes so dark they are almost black. Her skin is the color of cool caramel and her hair is braided and thick as horsehair. She smiles at him, he is in wonderment of this beauty, of who she is and where she is from. For a moment he recognizes the drums in the background and thinks to himself that the shawl dancers are still in motion.He turns and notices that he is very far away from the stomp grounds, the lights are in the distance, small as the midnight stars. He turns to the woman and sees that she is not there, he notices her as she is briskly running away from him, turning back at him smiling a tempting invitation for him to follow her. As he starts to dash after her in the long brush, in amazement at her grace as she runs through the obstacles, he watches in amazement.
The man is growing tired and notices that he is not catching up to her, they are just going farther out away from the stomp grounds. He gradually stops to take a breath. As he bends over to rest, he looks to the ground. The man sees what appear to be the hooves of a deer. He looks up and the woman stands, looking down on him, she offers her hand to help him up. Tempted yet puzzled, the man takes her hand and smiles. He stands then pulls her closer to kiss her.The woman looks at him and a tear runs down her cheek as her eyes change and her face starts to become distorted as if something was within her, she looks helpless. The man starts to grab her and scream out to her, who are you! The woman starts to fight him, clawing his face and thrashing his body. The man is frightened and confused. The woman starts to push him; he lands on his back while fighting her off. The woman is too strong; he cannot hold her back from him. He blacks out for a moment only to see a large doe standing upon his chest it is a deer! The man is in shock. The mighty doe looks down upon him and shakes her head and starts to pounce on him violently. The man screams but he can only hear the distant sounds of the drums rolling in the stomp grounds. He hears a vague announcement over the loud speaker that he was to get ready for the next dance. The powerful doe continues to ambush him for what seems to be eternity.
  The man looks up, in great pain as he takes his last breaths before he meets mother earth. He sees the woman standing before him, half beauty half deer.  She smiles then descends into the trees, leaving him to die alone...   

This is one of my favorite translations of this story. This version is the one I like to share with my friends and family. There are many sides of this story. In fact, each tribe holds a different report with how the men meet the Deer Woman.But, each story has the same meaning and message.It has been reported that the message originated when a group of men many years ago took the purity of an innocent woman from a nearby tribe. They left her in a field to die after their grisly attack. Rumor is that a sympathetic female deer lay beside her as the girl took her last breaths, just so she wouldn’t be alone on her journey back to mother earth.
The tribes’ men were never punished for the gruesome rape and murder of this woman. The woman was blessed with the strength of a deer in her next path of life, the Gods, obviously a female. Allowing her to make peace, gather justice and provide security for her and the future of other women across the land. 
Message to men from this story is to never allow ones self to be tempted by the flesh. To treat women with respect and dignity or you perhaps the Deer Woman will visit you one day.Like I mentioned above, there are many versions of this story, this just happens to be my favorite. The messages behind Native American stories are just amazing. This is a great way to teach about the wrongs and rights of life.
Just goes to show you that legends are timeless and lessons can be temporary. Perhaps we should all make our life’s lessons into legends?

By- Tonya Hacker © 2013

Ghostlahoma offers up more than just paranormal talk!




Enid, OK – GHOSTLAHOMA, Oklahoma’s 7th annual paranormal conference will be held in Enid for the first time on August 18, 2012 at the Cherokee Strip Conference Center from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
            Troy Taylor, a researcher, crime buff, supernatural historian and the author of almost 90 books on ghosts, hauntings, history, crime and the unexplained in America, will be one of the keynote speakers at this year’s conference.  Taylor presents a dark look at the world of missing, murdered and murderous women from the supernatural history of America, from mysterious serial killers, treacherous poisoners and spirits seeking revenge, to the tragic victims of crime and violence and the hauntings that followed their deaths.  True accounts include the spirit whose testimony was entered at her own murder trial, the real story of New Orleans' most hated woman, the spirit medium with a penchant for bloody murder and more! 
No matter who you are or what you believe, you will enjoy this presentation by our headlining speaker.

Ken Gerhard is a widely recognized cryptozoologist and field researcher for The Centre for Fortean Zoology and Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization.  He has investigated reports of monsters and mysterious animals around the world including Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, the Chupacabras, winged creatures and even werewolves.  In addition to appearing in three episodes of the television series Monster Quest (History Channel), Ken is featured in the History Channel special The Real Wolfman, as well as Legend Hunters (Travel Channel/A&E), Paranatural (National Geographic), Ultimate Encounters (truTV) and William Shatner’s Weird or What? (History Television).  Ken is author of the book Big Bird: Modern Sightings of Flying Monsters as well as the co-author of Monsters of Texas (with Nick Redfern) and has contributed to trade publications including Fate Magazine, Animals and Men, The Journal of the British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club and Bigfoot Times.

        Other speakers include Oklahoma paranormal authors and investigators from across the state.

            Tonya Hacker will take a look at the evidence standards of the paranormal field and share with you an interactive presentation of photos, EVP, video and other evidence of paranormal activity from across the globe.  Hacker is the founder of Haunts of Oklahoma and Urban Legend Investigations) as well as the co-author of the book, Ghostlahoma – Over 100 Years of Haunted History.  She has been featured on TLC’s America’s Ghost Hunters and has spoken at conferences all over the country as well as being featured on numerous news shows.  She was and continues to be the spokeswoman for the infamous “Salvage Yard Ghost” video that swept the nation in 2006 and still gets attention today.  She is currently a blogger for News OK and is working on other writing projects as well.  She has conducted several educational seminars at various colleges, schools, and libraries and was highlighted as one of the five “Essential People” in Oklahoma Today Magazine (July 2011)  

            Tammy Wilson will share with you the local legends and folklore of this year’s host city, Enid, Oklahoma.  From haunted bars to the widely disputed legend of the death of John Wilkes Booth, Enid has a very colorful haunted history.  Wilson is the co-author of the book, Ghostlahoma – Over 100 Years of Haunted History, as well as the founder of Eerie Oklahoma.  Her stories have appeared in several places and have been seen locally in E-Town Magazine.  She also conducts an Oklahoma ghost town tour by appointment as well as Eerie Enid tours.
 Hacker and Wilson have spoken at various conferences around the country as well as to the Oklahoma Main Street directors about haunted history and tourism.

Teri White is the author of Tulsa’s Haunted Memories and is also an adjunct instructor at Tulsa University where she teaches various classes on the paranormal. She has appeared on both local and national television on the Travel Channel, Discover Oklahoma, Womens Entertainment and several others. With a background in management, she is the founder and director of P.I.T.T., The Paranormal Investigative Team of Tulsa and founder of Tulsa Spirit Tours, Oklahoma’s longest running ghost tour. 

            Chris Harrington of the Denton Area Paranormal Society, now relocated to Enid, will share with you his experiences as a paranormal investigator: the ins, the outs, the what to dos, and the what not to dos.

Josh Stebbins- Featured Artist for Ghostlahoma 2012 will have his work available and on display at the conference along side with other Oklahoma artist with “ominous elements.” Some of the most unique art, photography and even crafts will be displayed and for sale at the first ever Ghostlahoma Gallery.

Downtown Enid will have parts of the Main Street closed off due to the first annual "Haunt Rod" car show. The streets will be lined with hearses and spooky cars, trucks and anything with wheels for patrons and curious minds. This is the very first "Haunt Rod" show in association with a conference and many cars from across the state are coming together to show off their spooky spokes!
 Don't forget your cameras!

After the Conference when the night starts to move in there will be several ghostly tours and hands on weirdness for your entertainment!

            Tickets for the event are $25.00 and may be purchased online at & GHOULI.ORG or by calling (580) 402-6732.  Vendor tables &  Sponsorships Available. Group Rates are available. Please call for details.

This event is sponsored by:
Mystical Illusions Tattoo & Body Piercing
Black Cat T-shirts
Artist Josh Stebbins
Revenant Limousines 
& the City of Enid, Oklahoma

Haunted Skirvin Hotel fails to scare Miami Heat?

Well that’s a headline I thought I would never write!
First of all I want to let everyone know that I am not a big sports fan.  I never have been one either.  I’m not one to jump on the bandwagon because a team is doing very well in a season. But I do have respect for the Thunder. I did come across a headline on my phone where I get “paranormal news” and a very small blurb was posted in a Miami based newspaper. The Sun Sentential decided to take a poke that kind of got me a bit riled up. No, I am not running out to purchase an official Thunder-Up t-shirt but the short article did make me raise an eyebrow and be on the defensive.
Here is the original article
I’m not normally concerned with sports rivalry but I am getting rather annoyed with the national media making statements as to which they are so surprised that Oklahoma City is actually a real city! Why on earth would anyone in this day and age really assume we are sporting around covered wagons and living by lakes and rivers in tee-pee’s?  Oklahoma City may not be the most progressive city around but really we are not waking up each day to hunt for our food!

Miami Heat player Udonis Haslem told media “I’m a pretty good guy, man. I respect everybody’s space,”  “If that’s the ghost’s room and they come pop up on me like that and he says it’s his spot, he can have it. There’s plenty other rooms.”

Folks who have stayed at the Skirvin Hilton — you can check in any time you like but you can never leave — report all sorts of supernatural incidents. Boston Celtics forward Brandon Bass insists on a nightlight when he stays there and Chicago Bulls forward Taj Gibson said his bathroom door slammed in the middle of the night.Source Washington Post
It’s nice to see the competition not be intimidated by a series of ghostly tales attached to the hotel like many others in the past.

Click to continue reading on GHOULI's NEWS OK BLOG 

Celebrities Haunted by Ghosts

We all love to follow celebrities. We also love to hear about them being haunted. 
We need to ask ourselves...Why is that? 

 The majority of people are curious as to what the uber famous are up to these days and when you throw in a ghost story or two it makes the celeb-stalking much more interesting. Perhaps we love to hear celebrity ghost stories because it makes them appear to be more "human" to us. Showing signs of weakness and vulnerability is appealing to us as regular folk. Do people believe celebrities more when they speak about ghosts or are we just expecting to be entertained by their story? There are many reports of celebrities coming out of the ghostly closet per-say, but are they too falling for the haunting hype that's now associated within the paranormal community? 

The popular TV show "Celebrity Ghost Stories on the Biography Channel is still going strong. The show has highlighted stars from Marylin Manson to Corey Feldman. We all tune in to see these celebs talk about their fears but would we give the same attention to a random person on the street? Probably not. No matter what, it is still fun to watch celebrities show signs of being "real" compared to the glamorized individuals we are accustomed too. 

Just for fun here is a short list of Celebrities and links to their personal ghost stories. 

  • TMZ recently showcased singer Avril Lavigne's ex-boyfriend spilling the beans about her haunted house just a couple months ago. Click to watch video.
  • Six time Grammy Award winner, Singer Adele believes her new mansion to be haunted by ghosts. After living in the home, Adele is convinced the property is haunted and refuses to sleep alone in the home.Click to get a peek at Adele's haunted mansion perhaps she's Rollin in the "Creep"
  • Actress Halle Barry has reported to be haunted by Hollywood Historical Icon, Dorothy Dandridge click to read more.
  • Nicholas Cage's New Orleans home rumored to be haunted. Cage is also pretty vocal about his supernatural beliefs.
  • Famous Author Anne Rice has shared many times that her New Orleans home is inhabited by a man that committed suicide over 150 years ago.
  • The ever so lovely Loretta Lynn has shared her ghost stories on many TV shows. Her plantation is open to the public and was even showcased on TV Ghost Adventures.
  • The late Anna Nicole Smith was a big fan of ghosts and spirits. In fact, she was so open to them, she did claim at one point to actually "have sex" with a ghost. She did report it to be amazing.
  • Kate Hudson, during the filming of the movie Skeleton Key reported several accounts of paranormal activity.
  • Hottie Matthew McConaughey reported to live in a haunted house. He heard noises one night and jumped out of bed, probably with his shirt off and tried to pulverize the unseen force. Matthew did comment that the activity was probably to do with him being naked. Anyone else want to bet the ghost was a woman? 
  • Keanu Reaves has reported that he grew up in a haunted house. The ghost had no legs but sported a double vested suit. Party On ghost!
  • Ace Frehely of the popular band KISS reported he was punched in the face by a ghost while on tour. Perhaps the ghost didn't like his make up?
  • Lady Gaga is convinced she is haunted by a ghost named Ryan. Click to learn more about GaGa's Ghost

Have a link to a Celebrity Ghost Story? Feel free to share! Also... what do  you think about celebrities that share their stories? Marketing, fame or are they legitimate claims?