Overholser Mansion to offer up some scares!

Overholser Mansion, Oklahoma City, OK, Oct. 28,29,30, 2010

Two sessions each day: 7:00pm and 8:00pm

Listen to scary stories told by our friend, Oklahoma storyteller Marilyn A. Hudson , aka 'The Ghost Teller", followed by a tour of the historic 1903 mansion - at night. Admission is $10 for adults and $5 for children.

GHOULI team members have been encouraged to volunteer at these events... we might just see you all out there. Great fun for the family.

Note: this event may not be suitable for very young children. Make your reservations now as space is limited. Call 405-525-5325 to RSVP.


Tonya Hacker


WANTED: We are currently looking for Oklahoma's favorite places you can eat, sleep and drink with "ghosts" or anything else that falls into a category of "unexplained"

----->>>>>This book is Family and tourism friendly!

Looking for Unusual tales across the Sooner State. All locations must fit into the outline. Hotels, Motels, Bars, clubs, B&B's, Diners & restaurants... Please contact Tonya to have your location added to the book. Contact me at tonya@ghouli.org OR right here on Facebook.

PLEASE SHARE & help the word get out that I am needing locations for part 2 of "Ghostlahoma" book series.


PUBLICATION SET FOR OCTOBER 2011 email today tonya@ghouli.org

I caught a ghost on my friggin PHONE!!!!!!!!

It seems that ghosts are making more and more appearances on camera phones these days. Technology is great, but I must say that people need to not be stupid about it.
There are applications (tools for high tech phones) that mimic what is seen on TV and in the paranormal field. There are ghost detecting applications, apps that mimic the oh so popular ovulus and the biggest one of all is the ghost in a photo application. This application has fooled some uninformed journalists that have made the bogus images front page news in their local papers. It's a sad day when the paranormal field is so popular that people have to utilize phone applications and try to pass it off as some kind of paranormal evidence. Trust me, there are probably teams out there right now sharing a photo of a full bodied apparition with some unsuspecting and uninformed group of believers. 

 The above photo was sent to me today. The woman believed it was the real deal. There was a story in place and it seemed so paranormal! Upon further inspection, which I must say I believe I set in record time, about 2 min but I'm not bragging or anything... this person even faked the "orbs". Seriously, who in their right mind would ever want to fake an orb? 

Even the makers of IPhone and Ipod touch admit it is a joke. The sad thing is, people want to believe so much that they are not staying current with technology. These are the same group of self proclaimed "science" that boasts and brags about having piles of technology available to them when they "hunt ghosts".

Lesson here. Stay current. If it looks like a full bodied apparition than it probably is not. If someone emails you or sends you an apparition photo, please get into the habit of comparing to the millions of Phone App ghosts that are floating around the internet like a swarm of deranged  locusts on a hot sunny day in the prairie.

Want an application to fool people? Maybe even those "scientists" that you may pay big money to see speak at some ghostly get-a-way? Click here for many FREE applications to play with.

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Novemeber 6th!

Is one of the final investigations that will be open to the public.  We ask that you reserve your spot as soon as possible. This will be the smallest of the groups so space will be limited.
This is the week right after Halloween. We did not have the trials closer to Halloween mainly because we are looking for people to participate according to the protocol and not be seeking out a "Halloween adventure". Only the truly interested encouraged to participate.

LOCAL PARANORMAL TEAMS- If your group is wanting to participate contact us directly.

Southern OK ParaCon- October 30th

Just in time for Halloween!

Tonya H. of GHOULI will be speaking at this event.

Hope to see you there!

PS- To eliminate any confusion, GHOULI will be hosting the Oklahoma Paranormal Conference in El Reno in April, 2011. The new name of the GHOULI event is "Ghostlahoma!".

New home page!

Because blogging is easier, we are redirecting our home page to this site. We are excited that we will be able to give quick and easy updates as we need to, without having to log in and redesign a webpage. This site also allows live feed from the GHOULI Facebook account ! It will empower our members to write more informative articles and how to's when it comes to paranormal research. It will also allow us to share some great stories and updates when it comes to investigation locations. It will also allow us to analyze "evidence" that is collected by our team and across the internet. We are excited to have a fun and interactive home page where it's easy to follow and read!



Public Events

We work hard to bring the public into our research, we work just as hard with finding fun ways to bring people to some of Oklahomas most forgotten places and history. Public Ghost Hunts, Conferences, Workshops, Slumber Parties, Speaking engagements to hands on and one teaching. We try to show the rest of the world that not everything you see on TV is real. Our goal is to educate the public and those interested in paranormal phenomenon. 

Cognitive Trials by GHOULI

WHAT IS A COGNITIVE TRIAL? The point of Cognitive trials  in a nutshell,  is testing the public's ability to determine, test judgments/ misjudgments, impressions, mass hysteria, PSI ability, impressions and mental conceptual views towards potentially haunted locations or non haunted locations that may be rumored to be haunted.

How it is applied- Paranormal research/Parapsychology testing is imperative to our field of research. Technology is not the baseline for all paranormal research and should never be limited . Testing in non-haunted and rumored haunted locations allow the researcher to apply outside opinions from those that are  involved or not involved with paranormal research. The statistical data you will collect on the trial can be applied to any informal form of "investigation" typically collected by a “team” of paranormal researchers. Collecting data that is from more than one group of individuals and their beliefs is beneficial to the location and provides accurate and unbiased information to be formulated into a chart or data outline to validate a buildings psychological and physical and mental influence. The more people involved in the study, the stronger the numbers will be. This is why the trials are open to all walks of life within the general public. It is also crucial to host trials in locations where "history" or "haunted history" is not published or well known. 

What do you do?- Trials are not a “tour” or  any kind of form of a “ghost hunt”. The research is collected from the participants, not the team of “ghost hunters”. The statistical data is formed from the feedback of the participants and allows people to learn hands on how legitimate paranormal research is conducted. The trials are a lot of fun and allows participants, no matter what they believe to be involved with a study that makes sense to the true scientific community. As a participant, you will be guided through two series of tests. We encourage everyone to participate to the fullest and be a part of how the project concludes. We will not make you sit and listen to how “great our team” is (or is not), we will get started and have a lot of fun while the tests take place. Nobody will be sent in or left alone or put into any kind of danger. There are not scare tactics or staged hoaxes that are very common with public “ghost hunts”. You are encouraged to bring a video camera, camera  and/or audio recording device. These items are optional and can be used during the second part of the trial. Please bring a flashlight.

We ask that participants are ages 16 & up. MATURE teenagers are welcome. Teens that goof off or disrupt the trial will be asked to leave without a refund. NO EXCEPTIONS. Teens must be accompanied by a PARENT. This is not a “thrill seeking” public event. It is an opportunity to be involved with paranormal research and is very intriguing to those that have a sincere interest with subjects of the unexplained. Skeptics are welcomed and encouraged to participate.

*If you are with a ghost hunting team please let us know in advance.
* If you have participated in a prior trial please let us know. We are excited to have you back!

Data and information about the trials will be shared via email correspondence. The location of the project will not be released to the public or posted on the internet. We ask that locations be kept confidential until the trial is completed. A breakdown of statistical data and conclusions will be offered to the public on this site via PDF file.  Again, this is not a thrill seeking ghostly adventure where tour guides scare the bejesus out of you for entertainment. Although these trials are a lot of fun , informative and exclusive we are confident that you will walk away with a feeling of accomplishment and awareness. No matter what your belief may be, we feel that you will enjoy participating in this trial.

Cost to each participant is $15 each. This allows us to pay for printed materials and supplies you will need during this trial. Estimated time frame for each trial– 7:30 to 11PM. A memorable evening out!  Contact us if you have questions.