Celebrities Haunted by Ghosts

We all love to follow celebrities. We also love to hear about them being haunted. 
We need to ask ourselves...Why is that? 

 The majority of people are curious as to what the uber famous are up to these days and when you throw in a ghost story or two it makes the celeb-stalking much more interesting. Perhaps we love to hear celebrity ghost stories because it makes them appear to be more "human" to us. Showing signs of weakness and vulnerability is appealing to us as regular folk. Do people believe celebrities more when they speak about ghosts or are we just expecting to be entertained by their story? There are many reports of celebrities coming out of the ghostly closet per-say, but are they too falling for the haunting hype that's now associated within the paranormal community? 

The popular TV show "Celebrity Ghost Stories on the Biography Channel is still going strong. The show has highlighted stars from Marylin Manson to Corey Feldman. We all tune in to see these celebs talk about their fears but would we give the same attention to a random person on the street? Probably not. No matter what, it is still fun to watch celebrities show signs of being "real" compared to the glamorized individuals we are accustomed too. 

Just for fun here is a short list of Celebrities and links to their personal ghost stories. 

  • TMZ recently showcased singer Avril Lavigne's ex-boyfriend spilling the beans about her haunted house just a couple months ago. Click to watch video.
  • Six time Grammy Award winner, Singer Adele believes her new mansion to be haunted by ghosts. After living in the home, Adele is convinced the property is haunted and refuses to sleep alone in the home.Click to get a peek at Adele's haunted mansion perhaps she's Rollin in the "Creep"
  • Actress Halle Barry has reported to be haunted by Hollywood Historical Icon, Dorothy Dandridge click to read more.
  • Nicholas Cage's New Orleans home rumored to be haunted. Cage is also pretty vocal about his supernatural beliefs.
  • Famous Author Anne Rice has shared many times that her New Orleans home is inhabited by a man that committed suicide over 150 years ago.
  • The ever so lovely Loretta Lynn has shared her ghost stories on many TV shows. Her plantation is open to the public and was even showcased on TV Ghost Adventures.
  • The late Anna Nicole Smith was a big fan of ghosts and spirits. In fact, she was so open to them, she did claim at one point to actually "have sex" with a ghost. She did report it to be amazing.
  • Kate Hudson, during the filming of the movie Skeleton Key reported several accounts of paranormal activity.
  • Hottie Matthew McConaughey reported to live in a haunted house. He heard noises one night and jumped out of bed, probably with his shirt off and tried to pulverize the unseen force. Matthew did comment that the activity was probably to do with him being naked. Anyone else want to bet the ghost was a woman? 
  • Keanu Reaves has reported that he grew up in a haunted house. The ghost had no legs but sported a double vested suit. Party On ghost!
  • Ace Frehely of the popular band KISS reported he was punched in the face by a ghost while on tour. Perhaps the ghost didn't like his make up?
  • Lady Gaga is convinced she is haunted by a ghost named Ryan. Click to learn more about GaGa's Ghost

Have a link to a Celebrity Ghost Story? Feel free to share! Also... what do  you think about celebrities that share their stories? Marketing, fame or are they legitimate claims?

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