Free online ghost hunting courses : University of Ghostlahoma

GHOULI will be offering basic online ghost hunting  classes for everyone and it will be FREE and available to you whenever you get a moment to learn!

We need to know what topic you would like to start out with first!

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  1. HISTORY OF GHOST HUNTING- How it all started.
  3. EVIDENCE: Then and Now

PS: There will be NO certifications offered. There is no such thing as a "Certified ghost hunter."   If you really must have a certificate CLICK HERE and create  your own.


  1. i have been a paranormal investigator and i have 3 businessess in michigan i have at the time 45 team members. and have also met some 3 thousand other investigators over the years. and not one of them i know claims to be licensed or certified in this field. this woman named patti starr that scams people out of hundreds of dollars to be a certified ghost hunter has made herself rich off the ignorance of team and i have dug deep into her past and found out that in real life she is a real estate agent that buys up old houses and charges people 100 dollars to investigate the home. her lectures are about as bogis as her haunted houses. i have sat in on her lectures a couple of times to hear her speak. it was worth the 25 bucks for admission to hear her make a joke out of other investigators. when i asked a question on why one has to be licensed or certified to be a ghost hunter she had no answer to the question and moved on to another persons question. she is a discrace to other investigators and she makes them all look bad. actually there is no such thing as a certified ghost hunter. the only license that one needs is there drivers license to get to the spot. all these organazations that claim to get one licensed or certified are out to take good peoples money, legally by law the certificates that these places offer are not worth the ink committed on the paper. and if these credentials ever get under scruteny by authorities these places will not back you up they will say they dont know you. we have done much investigating on this patti starr and she claims to be a psychic also but she cant even remember how to work her digital recorder to let the audiance listen to her evps. most likely she had some one whispering in her recorder to get that evp. i have known some really good ghost hunters over the years and this patti starr makes a spectical of all investigators everywhere. when you do a back ground on someone things really pop up. you dont even need a license to be a parapsychologist. there has been a lot of people that we contacted after they so called got certified by this patti starr and they said there certificates looked like they were made at office max or something and the gold seals were not gold but paper stickers of gold seals with a stamp in the center of it. a certification does not make a ghost hunter a ghost hunter learns from there mistakes and as you go along one gets better. this is a science and new devices are made all the time. our team never charges services to our clients. we are legit. and if a client wants to see your certifications for references these places will not claim that you are a professional certified ghost hunter. then you lost a client for dishonesty. we have been in business since 1978 and all of our crew are trained but we still do not call our selves professionals. but we are investigators and we have a great time doing it and our reward is helping others and lasting friendships with our clients. and that is worth more than money. to all my fellow ghost hunter go get together a team and find ghosts dont worry about certifications or a license you dont need it, this patti starr as a woman has scamed and falsey spoken about other organazations reputations and that is slanderious to ones personal reputation. but that is how she got to where she is. if you get the time sit in on one of her lectures it will cost you 25 bucks but it is kind of like sitting in on improv comedy show. she is redicilious and very dishonest of her paranormal evidence she shows the audiance especially her ghost phots at one of her rea estate bought homes. now she is thinking about buying the eastern state lunitic asylum she can afford to buy it because of all the money she has pick pocketed from others. the price to investigate the asylum would be about 300 dollars per night please be carefull.

    1. I'd say she's "certified' if you know what I mean... :-D

  2. I'm studying But I'm interested in ghost hunting can any1 tel me wat to do?

  3. Hey my name is Ryan Tourangeau I want to be a paranormal investigator please allow me to be part of you team.

  4. I am not very old, but I have been studying this most of my life. I'm pretty sure I know how it all started. I know most of the definitions, but there is probably some things I still don't know. I'd like to start with the basics, just to be sure.

  5. I have had a interest in paranormal ever since I had an experience and I am very interested in wanting to pursue it, mostly I want to know is the basics and the evidence like analyzing it.

  6. I like ghost hunting I like to see the evidence of my house

  7. I am interested in all. Let me start with number 1 and work my way down the list please

  8. I am very interested in learning all I can. I want to start from the beginning and learn as much as I can. I need to start with my own home as I know I'm not alone here. Thank you in advance.

  9. My name is sarahmarie lee n i do hear n see ghost n i want to learn more

  10. Hi all, my name is Paul tech manager for West Midlands paranormal research, i've had the privilege of investigating on TV sets such as games of thrones and ITV the Frankenstein Chronicles and had several years of experience.
    You need to learn about before you investigate e.g.
    Environment and surroundings
    Stop contamination of investigation
    Investigation techniques e.g. ( Communication )
    The correct procedure to use equipment and know how to use equipment
    Health and safety of investigation location
    How to evaluate an EVPs
    Analysing investigation techniques
    This is some of the things that are basic investigator needs before investigating paranormal. I am looking to set up course in the UK. Email me on