I caught a ghost on my friggin PHONE!!!!!!!!

It seems that ghosts are making more and more appearances on camera phones these days. Technology is great, but I must say that people need to not be stupid about it.
There are applications (tools for high tech phones) that mimic what is seen on TV and in the paranormal field. There are ghost detecting applications, apps that mimic the oh so popular ovulus and the biggest one of all is the ghost in a photo application. This application has fooled some uninformed journalists that have made the bogus images front page news in their local papers. It's a sad day when the paranormal field is so popular that people have to utilize phone applications and try to pass it off as some kind of paranormal evidence. Trust me, there are probably teams out there right now sharing a photo of a full bodied apparition with some unsuspecting and uninformed group of believers. 

 The above photo was sent to me today. The woman believed it was the real deal. There was a story in place and it seemed so paranormal! Upon further inspection, which I must say I believe I set in record time, about 2 min but I'm not bragging or anything... this person even faked the "orbs". Seriously, who in their right mind would ever want to fake an orb? 

Even the makers of IPhone and Ipod touch admit it is a joke. The sad thing is, people want to believe so much that they are not staying current with technology. These are the same group of self proclaimed "science" that boasts and brags about having piles of technology available to them when they "hunt ghosts".

Lesson here. Stay current. If it looks like a full bodied apparition than it probably is not. If someone emails you or sends you an apparition photo, please get into the habit of comparing to the millions of Phone App ghosts that are floating around the internet like a swarm of deranged  locusts on a hot sunny day in the prairie.

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  1. Yeah, there are a couple out there right now - maybe more. I posted this a while back http://strangestate.blogspot.com/2010/07/iphone-apps-for-ghost-hunter-in-you.html when the iPhone apps came out. I figured it wouldn't be long before... It's sad that journalists are reporting on these images. Talk about egg on your face.