New home page!

Because blogging is easier, we are redirecting our home page to this site. We are excited that we will be able to give quick and easy updates as we need to, without having to log in and redesign a webpage. This site also allows live feed from the GHOULI Facebook account ! It will empower our members to write more informative articles and how to's when it comes to paranormal research. It will also allow us to share some great stories and updates when it comes to investigation locations. It will also allow us to analyze "evidence" that is collected by our team and across the internet. We are excited to have a fun and interactive home page where it's easy to follow and read!



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  1. Glad to hear it! That's why I dumped my site a few years back for Blogger. It was simply so much effort to go in and change things or even post on the website. This makes it so much easier.