Strange Creature found on Deer Cam? Hoax!

Just this week I received a message in my in-box stating a very alarming message.
"I have recently been given pictures that were taken on a family plot of land in Wister oklahoma on Nov 30 2010 at aprox 1 45 a.m by a camera trap that was in place to track deer movements what was captured on the other hand was no flippin deer and was nothing short of creepy as hell it was a bipedal humanoid type thing that apeared to be attemting to investigate the pile of corn left for the deer and was startled by the camera trap cause it looked right at it I've attached one photo and would really apreciate any insight on this matter because there are some freeked out people here you may also contact me by phone at...."
So, I look at the photo and I will admit it's a very creepy image. The thought of something like "that" prancing around in the woods scares me a bit. I took a peek at the photo. First glance, photo shop job. Then I just started searching the net for unusual photos caught by a deer cam. Within seconds I find the same image, plastered all over the internet. This is a big deal on the internet right now. Some paranormal researchers are actually reporting it to be unexplained while others are realizing it's not what it appears to be.

Even local media is jumping the bandwagon concerning this strange creature. It makes you wonder what ever happened to the concept of investigative reporting. Here is an example of one media source that is ready and willing to believe anything that's posted on the internet.

Viral videos are everywhere on the internet. People fall for them all the time, even "professional paranormal experts". Genius marketing or someone that has a lot of time on their hands, or both. No matter what, it totally works!

Here is the original story posted about the creature. Same story, different place.
"A deer hunter at Berwick, Louisiana, has captured a strange image of something wandering through the Louisiana woods at night. The hunter near Baton Rouge reported to the media that he found this bizarre image on his deer stand camera."
The image was apparently a marketing gimmick created by a hunting company called Wildgame Innovations they posted the image on their Facebook page and created a small story to make it seem real. Then they changed the the source of the image to a production of a movie titled Super 8. But, the Super8 news website is denying the accusations of this viral video. I found it odd that Steven Spielberg would need assistance with promoting a film. It's my two cents that the Wildgame Technology has sold a lot of deer cams. Not only hunters are using them but ghost hunters are jumping on the bandwagon without taking a few minutes out of their day to research the truth about the image.

This deer cam capture has been "debunked" by the many people that are not ready to jump to conclusions concerning creatures and paranormal phenomenon. Creepy image indeed. And I'm not too ashamed to say that the woods do freak me out. I would much rather spend the night in a rumored haunted building compared to camping in the deep woods. Perhaps images like this is what keeps me away. I am totally aware that creatures like this are not real but it would be my luck to be the first to come face to face with something this freakish. I will leave the crypto-hunters to do their job. I will stick with investigating rumors of ghosts .

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