Do you believe???

So many people believe in such things as ghosts, Bigfoot, phantom creatures and shape shifting beings from beyond but we have to ask why those same people choose to not believe an something called mass hysteria.

GHOULI is the only team in the state of Oklahoma and surrounding areas that are studying the effects of hysteria on a smaller scale, we call it group hysteria.

We modified  the Wikipedia version online of hysteria and crowd psychology. 

We started to explore this separate phenomenon as the popularity of Ghost Hunting started to flood the field of parapsychology. We played with the ideas and theories that one person can in fact make people feel, hear, smell and even be touched by ghosts. Many years ago, GHOULI team founder Tonya Hacker started testing these theories on location and during investigations. He efforts were very discrete and recently she has been vocal about the small tests she ran with her fellow paranormal investigators. These small series of tests have allowed her to develop and organize one of the most notable paranormal research projects in this generation of ghost hunting. It was very easy to manipulate the thoughts and feelings of those around us in both established-haunted and non-haunted places. We have recently completed a series of trials where some techniques were applied, we will share that data and final report as time permits.

So, do you believe what you see on TV? Do you believe what teams tell you when you go on a local ghost hunt or ghostly tour? Do you believe only because someone convinced you to do so or do you believe because you witnessed it all alone?

We are not attempting to say that there is no such things as ghosts or supernatural events. We have all witnessed something we can not explain at some point in life. We know that there does not need to be a puppet master pulling the strings with all witness accounts but we do want people to start paying a bit more attention. It's very easy to make someone believe but it does not mean it didn't happen to that person. Reality is open to translation and always should be.

Watch these videos and understand a bit more about the power of suggestion and hysteria.

Feedback welcome!

~ Tonya Hacker

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