Local authors and researchers meet and greet

On November 20th, in Enid, OK local authors meet up to talk to locals about their paranormal research and favorite haunting stories.

Tonya Hacker & Tammy Wilson authors of the Ghostlahoma book series spoke to a diverse crowd about their adventures in paranormal research. Tonya and Tammy both veteran paranormal researchers spoke about how they met up and became friends all over a unique EVP that was captured at Tammy's old home. The two women shared their favorite stories from the book and encouraged everyone to contact them if they have a location they would like to see highlighted in the next book that will feature places in Oklahoma where people can eat, sleep and drink with ghosts. The women also announced they will be kicking off a statewide campaign that will allow creative kids and teens to become published. The project is set to launch after the first of the year but already the women have had great feedback from schools, libraries and community centers. Tammy and Tonya are also known as the "Ghost Divas" and answered questions from the guests about the flood of TV shows that are currently on the air. The guests were curious as to how much of the TV shows were authentic and what is strictly for entertainment. Tammy and Tonya helped guests understand from a paranormal research point of view, that the shows are strictly for entertainment purposes.

Cullan Hudson author of Oklahoma book series Strange State and the Oklahoma Strange State Paranormal Blog kicked off the event as he shared tales from the Sooner state. Cullan spoke about some of his more memorable places he has visited, including the recent Hanobia Big Foot Conference. in southern Oklahoma. Cullan shared a few thoughts and theories of his own concerning recent reports of UFO's and the infamous Miami Spook lights in northern Oklahoma. Cullan explores all aspects concerning claims of the unknown. He does not focus on just ghosts, he covers it all.  Cullan also spoke about the enchanting Spiro Mounds and touched base on the historical and archeological significance and supernatural claims.

It's always nice to see authors and paranormal researchers come together to help intrigue and inspire the state of Oklahoma to grasp our rather young but often strange history.

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