Halloween Wrap up!

We hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween 2010! We also hope you took some time to spend with friends and family this year! Just a quick note. You did not see GHOULI on the local news this year because we are working to shed the TV/Media image that has been pegged upon us. Although our team does not have a goal to "get on TV", we are asked very often by media to participate in such projects. We take pride in not wanting to be a popular team. We have earned our reputation as a reliable and unbiased resource for claims of the unknown in the state of Oklahoma because we do not offer a "TV ready" appearance. We work closely with property owners and historical communities to make sense to reported haunts and we will continue to do so. We are proud to be able to visit meet and talk with some of Oklahomas most influential historical and and non-historical property owners and coordinators. We do want to show our support to a couple new faces that did make it on the local news this year. AbandonedOK.com and Cullan Hudson, author of Oklahomas Strange State book and blog series. We are happy to support them while they allowed a peek at another side of Oklahomas history, minus the "gizmos, gadgets and matching t-shirts" that Oklahomans are accustomed too seeing this time of year. They did a great job while offering an alternative to what has become the norm within the paranormal community.

We are very busy these days. We are wrapping up one of our research projects and the data collected will be shared very soon. We want to thank everyone that participated in this research trial and we hope you had a great time with this unique experience. We are also working on part 2 of a our book series "Ghostlahoma". We would love your feedback and any contributions you may have to offer. We are excited to announce that the Oklahoma state Paranormal Conference will be held April, 2010. There will be some great changes to the event and as always the event will be affordable and fun for all ages.

New blog and website- thank you for your patience as we move things around and shake things up a bit concerning the www.ghouli.org website. We are working to make things easier for everyone, more fun and interactive! 

As always... we will not post or share our investigative locations on the internet. If you are interested in becoming a GHOULI team member, just contact us. We do not require you to pay dues and all members are volunteers and are treated like adults. All we ask is that you work to obtain locations and research history. This is not a "job" or paid position. We all do this on our free time :) family first!


Tonya Hacker


  1. Thanks for the shout out. You guys are doing great work and the cog trials will be very rewarding, I suspect, after last night. I can't wait for your EVP analysis.